News – August 2010 releases from Manorhouse Workshop

We open this new section ” News and curiosities” with new releases by ManorHouse Workshop:
Now are in catalog the first  resin walls, suitable for miniatures in 28-40mm.
we present these  walls Which are suitable to create corridors, rooms of castles and underground, as well as being interesting  external walls for villas, gardens, abbeys or cemeteries…

The dimensions of the walls  illustrated are: length 20 cm.  for 8 cm  high.

They can be joined  together by practical pillars.

Some walls have columns and decorations not stuck, then are opened to different variants.

In the photos you can see, we have highlighted some applications of these walls.

These can be used to create dioramas of fascinating and evocative interiors, suitable for various types of miniatures games, as well as  beautiful reproductions of static scenes of daily life or duels, created from artists for collectors.

best regards, Lorenzo “Maniachuose” Marchetto

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