Work in progress part 1: “Abbey’s Dungeon”

Hi everyone.

Let’s inaugurate the “Work in Progress” section, and let’s do it with class, with one of my last, but most complex, work.
Creating new kits is fine, but showing how they can be used is even better.

Then, why not creating a huge diorama to illustrate the new walls of Manorhouse Workshop ?

Following are the pictures of the first 2 panels of the “Abbey’s Dungeon” (based on a project by David Destefanis). The final result will show a diorama of 8 full panels of 40×40 cm each.

This Dungeon will be put under the “Abbey with Cemetery” Diorama, with the subterranean entry right under the abbey.

As you can see, the main room under the abbey gives access to the dungeon.

The superposition of the 2 dioramas gives a spectacular view of the main room, with the great stairway going down to the floor. Note also the statues, added to the niches on the upper wall (small 15mm miniatures were used for that purpose), which, once painted in stone color, will give added panache to the whole room!

In these last 2 pictures you can see some of the possible variations of walls that can be obtained using the basic walls.

In the next Work In Progress, we’ll illustrate a subterranean water area of this same dungeon.

Until next, Lorenzo “Maniachouse” Marchetto

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