Editorial – Back into action !

After the summer break, everything is getting slowly in motion again.

Far away from the seaside and its burning sun, and still slightly phased by the return to civilization …

It is when imagination wakes up from its long slumber, and gazes upon miniatures and dioramas.

Evenings are then happily used for gaming parties, or for some touches on some projects.

We didn’t however hibernate, during this summer … we have prepared a series of articles which will help you realize

your diorama, starting with a very useful material in our sector.

How to work with high-density Polystyrene (Part 1)

How to work with high-density Polystyrene (Part 2)

How to work with high-density Polystyrene (Part 3)

Then we wrote about how to make green areas real-looking.

How to make the grass look realistic.

How to create realistic bushes.

We did also open an area dedicated to collaborations, where you can all present your works with our products.

We did also start presenting our last news and work in progress, that we’re currently creating.

This is what you can see right now, but a lot more is in work.

We will continue to write articles about modeling :

We will soon put online an article about how to realize a diorama from scratch, with the final result in the picture (on the left).

But it doesn’t stop there. You will see also a step-by-step of a modular diorama of 3 meters of length by 80 cm of width, built with panels of high-density polystyrene and our own scenery kits.

All this and more, soon.

The summer is ending … to give place to an autumn rich of news.

Until next, Lorenzo “Maniachouse” Marchetto

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