Update 26 – Last Perk – The City

Salve a tutti.
A circa 22 ore dalla fine della Campagna aggingiamo l’ultimo perk. The City.
Saranno disponibili solo 3 kit.

Hello to all.
At about 23 hours of the end of the Campaign aggingiamo the last perk. The City.
Only 3 available.

This perk includes: 4 T-Corner, 7 W-tower, 15 Walls, 7 towers, 3 Barbicans, 1 Manor, 1 Arengario, 1 6 complete houses 02, 1 6 houses 1 w-mill 02, 1 tournament. 20 total rewards, 20 total free sheets. price only for Campaign:  1600,00. ended campaign; over € 2000,00. weight about: xxxx g. – Material: polyurethane resin. Free Shipping throughout Italy: outside, see “Delivery” section.




Riguardo ai rewards: in totale compresi tutti i bonus derivanti da somme aggiuntive ai 250 euro base o altro, saranno di un pacchetto per tipo di tutti i 20 rewards pubblicati e 20 fogli pavimentazione bonus.

Regarding the rewards: in total including all bonuses resulting from additional amounts to 250 euro basis or other, will be a package by type of all 20 perks published and 20 paving sheets bonus.

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