It’s not over yet.

First of all I will like to personally thank you all for the support.

This campaign has boosted in the last days because you have believed in me and my products, and I will like to reassure you that I will maintain all my promises providing you with a top quality product.

Also since several have contacted me both to join or to expand their order, I am extending sales for another 31 days. This will give actual pledgers time to add to an existing pledge if they want to, and will give a chance to new founder to join.

The post campaign extension will go from the 31st of Jan to the 6st of March.

During this time all the offers, rewards and conditions available during the campaign will remain the same.
If you want to add or place a new order you can contact me at:
When contacting me please send a list of your wants including the various rewards, adding the destination country. All orders received up to the 6st of March will be mailed at the end of May instead of April as stated in the campaign.

If you are only looking to get the miniatures the shipping charges will be reduced and we will mail them as regular registered recorded mail or priority mail, at a significantly lower price then the heavier kits.

Thank you,

4 Responses to It’s not over yet.

  1. Axel Schudak / MaxPuster says:

    Thats pretty good to hear. I am quite sure that I will be able to take you up on that offer 🙂


    • Hi Max, thanks for your support.
      in the next month, there will be also of the novelties.
      surely the wip of the church and its cloister.
      also, I will keep you informed about the continuation of the work of printing and shipping.
      regards, Lorenzo


      • ciao Anto. cacchio ecco perchè è tutt’oggi che non ricevo un’emella rispetto al giorno prima… corretto tutto ovunque.
        grazie ci si sente questa sera. Lorenzo
        ps cmq. per favore, mandami una e-mail dalla pagina dell’indiegogo e dal mio blog cliccando sull’indirizzo.


  2. Ciao Presidente,
    ma il tuo indirizzo email ha la “M” (di Marchetto) maiuscola ?
    Io credevo che fosse minuscola 🙂


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