A new MHW project: Underground

Hello to all.
Manorhouse Workshop starts a new project which will be financed with the crowdfunding system.
Its name is Underground: in our specific case, the project will deal with everything that is underground.
As you can imagine it’s a very ambitious project, which will involve different historical periods up to the present day.
In fact in the basement we’ll find crypts, catacombs, cellars, sewers, underground railways and mines.
As usual we start with an initial mockup (a simulacre of the actual components of this kit) which helps us to understand the potential of this project, its great modularity and compatibility with all of our models and kits we made so far.
The mockup shows basic shapes only: the final pieces will be fully covered of details, accessories and textures.
Enjoy the first pictures of the mockup of the sewers and stay tuned for more

The flooring of the sewers will have the initial 5 different sections of corridors, 3 floors rooms, plus 3 sections corridor “free”
The size are: 5 × 5 – 5 × 10 – 10 × 10 – 15 × 10 – 15 × 15 cm.
The walls are 6 cm. high (including the floor 6 mm high.)

The coupling system (optional) between the wall and the wall to hold the sections together without that move.
While the single wall is attached to the floor by means of a joint at the base of the wall, simple and fast to assemble and disassemble.

In the next update we will enter into the details of the structures. We’ll see how the walls are raised in height, of the practical solutions found to make “dynamic” walls.
All of you who are now reading and seeing the pictures, you are called upon to comment and have your say about the project. Any suggestions, criticism will be taken into account.

Thanks in advance for your help. Lorenzo

5 Responses to A new MHW project: Underground

  1. Mancano le nicchie…


  2. Uè boss, passo al caricaggio delle immagini su pinterest, così ti precedo… ahahhhhhhahhhhhh 🙂


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