Update #9 – Underground Project

Salve a tutti.
Abbiamo grandi novità per il futuro del nostro progetto.
Abbiamo completato il mock-up delle fogne e  delle ferrovie sotterranee.
Nelle immagini potete vedere una delle molteplici combinazioni possibili del nostro sistema modulare.

We have great news for the future of our project.
We have completed the mock-up of the sewers and underground railways.
The images show the many possible combinations obtainable by the modular system

Le fogne incontrano la ferrovia sotterranea tramite un crollo… (reso possibile da una parete dinamica)

The sewers meet the Underground Railroad through a collapsed wall … (this possible due to the dynamics of the wall) 

Ma non solo, dalle fogne si potrà accedere alle future cripte e alle segrete sempre tramite una parete dinamica.

But not only, from the sewers you will have access to future crypts and  , always through a dynamics wall.

Altre immagini del mock-up del sotterraneo.

Other images of the underground mock-up. 

Vorremmo chiudere questo aggiornamento con due domande:
Cosa pensereste se tutto quello che avete visto finora fosse prodotto in plastica?
E se l’intero progetto fosse proposto sulla piattaforma Kickstarter?
Presto maggiori dettagli su questo progetto e sulla sua data di lancio che potrebbe essere più vicina di quanto ci si possa aspettare.

We would like to close this update with two questions:
What if all you have seen so far would be produced in plastic?
What if all this would be crowdfunded on Kickstarter?

Soon more details on this project and on its launch date which could be closer than you expect.

Stay tuned. Lorenzo

7 Responses to Update #9 – Underground Project

  1. Falkal says:

    This set in hardplastic would be so incredibly awesome!!!


  2. I think plastic, if economically advantageous, would be excellent.

    the figs are in 15mm scale? or 28?


  3. Frits Kuijlman says:

    How will the walls be clad? will these be usefull for medieaval creepy sewers?


    • hi Frits.
      apart from the underground railroad that will obviously modern.
      sewers, dungeons, crypts and mines could be used from the Roman period in forward or for the fantasy.
      the texture will be much bricks and stone.
      of course all undergrounds will be very, very much creepers.



  4. mcmaicky says:

    This is fantastic, I’m really interested on your underground proyect. If anybody adapts the rules for a tabletop game or a wargame as Punkapocalyptic for example, we would have the style novel Metro 2033.

    I am wating more news about this. Congratulations.


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