Update #28 – 3 new 3D Bases!

Link to Preview KS page

Salve a tutti.
Oggi vi sveliamo altre 3 “3D Bases”.
Siamo certi che le troverete molto utili per creare il vostro campo di battaglia.
Stiamo parlando delle strade extraubane.Per poterle utilizzare in varie epoche storiche abbiamo optato per un selciato in pietra. Creando una strada diritta e una curva.
La terza base permette di unire la base “tutto acciottolato” allo sterrato. Ottima per delimitare il perimetro di un villaggio o la periferia di una cittadina.

Hi everyone!
Today we are unveiling 3 new “3D Bases”!
We’re positive you’ll find them very useful for creating various battlegrounds.
First of all, the 2 Bases related to Roads. We wanted them to be useful in multiple historical settings so the roads are made of stone. You’ll see 2 bases, one representing a straight road, and another a curving road.
The third base we are unveiling is a transition base, to be used to connect smoothly the Cobblestone base to the Rough Terrain base. It’s also perfect to represent the boundaries of a village or a city.

Until next. Lorenzo8

4 Responses to Update #28 – 3 new 3D Bases!

  1. Grim says:

    Looks great! I would advise that you show a fully painted and flocked (grass) version of a complete table, maybe even put some trees and bushes and houses on it. This will help people to see the full potential and get an impression how it could look in the end …


  2. Greatlich says:

    Will there be flat tiles that i can place house and building made by Dwarven Forge ?


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