Update Indiegogo Castle: First Castle sent!

Hi everyone!
This is an important update because we sent last week the first Castle, which is part of the few missing deliveries of our Indiegogo project.
It took way more work than anticipated, and we had issues during these last months: we had planned to send more castles by this date, but production issues made this impossible.
Due to this, we can’t make a definitive schedule because every Castle printed is a tedious process which can create setbacks every week.
We will keep you updated on Indiegogo when the next shipment will be ready, and don’t hesitate to contact me personally for any question or more info on your pledge.


More info about the Castle Production:
This was our first crowdfunding project, and we did some mistakes and learnt from them.
Now that we have the first Castle cast, we know not only in theory, but in reality, what are the challenges connected to such a work, and its real costs.
We are assessing also the production times, and will be able to assess them fully once some more castles will have been produced.

About the production times:
The production isn’t done directly by MHW but by a third party, due to the very complex “double-print” resin casts which requires specific technology and machines, which also adds to the production and waiting time and brings us to the situation where MHW is able to produce and send products unrelated to the Indiegogo campaign, but has backers here, on Indiegogo, who are still waiting for the Castle.

All the best. Lorenzo

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