USA-delivery costs cut! We’re USA-Friendly!!!

Hi everyone,
and especially to USA backers and would-be backers.

We have some great news for you!
Here are the newest estimated delivery costs for an average Captain Pledge (5kg), to the USA.
32$ to 38$, and it’s USA-Friendly, no custom costs for it! All is included!!!
For a BIG General pledge (not an usual one, but a big one of 12kg), it gets even better
34$ to 52$, again of course it’s fully USA-Friendly, no custom costs at all!.
The higher end of those delivery costs is for West Coast backers only, since we our freight boat will land on the East Coast.
Our previous non-USA Friendly quotes were 52€ (around 59$) + custom fees for the Captain Pledge, and 85€ (around 96$) + custom fees for the General Pledge.
With this, we’re effectively cutting by half (or more) the delivery costs.
Can it get better ?
Yes, it can.
The more USA backers we have, the more we will be able to lower those costs.
For more information about Shipping & Handling, read your Shipping & Delivery section on our Kickstarter Campaign page.

All the best. Lorenzo

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