You missed the 3D Bases Kickstarter ? You didn’t! Jump aboard, you have up to the 20th of July!

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Link to Kickstarter Page

1) Funds can be increased for the next 7 days!

You have still 7 days (up to the 20th of July) to increase your pledge and define your choices!
Like most Kickstarters, we are giving some more time for all of you to choose better what you would want. If some of you already know what they want, they can send us their Pledge Manager, of course!
Since it won’t be able to increase your amount pledged on Kickstarter, it will have to be done via paypal at the following mail address:

Tsuthoggua’s 3D Bases ideas!

2) What if I’m a late backer and I missed this awesome project?

No worries, you can still get in!
While no Early Bird Pledges will be open, you can still participate, contact us at and let us know!
We will consider you as a normal backer and if you take a Captain or General Pledge, you’ll get access to all the freebies unlocked!

3) What about the freebies and Stretch Goals ? Will they move?

Yes. During that 7 days-period, we decided that the Stretch Goals will still be “online”. If we receive additional fundings to burst or unlock a Stretch Goal, we’ll share it with you, and all of you (with Captain and General Pledges) will have access to it and so they will be added to your package!
Another reason to keep spreading the word!

4) How can I share with you the bases and add-ons I want for my pledge?

a) The best way to do that is to fill our PLEDGE MANAGER.
We have also a YOUTUBE VIDEO showing how it works!

Once you do that, send a copy of your pledge manager to this email address:
It is important that you send us the copy as a pdf, excel (or other spreadsheet program), attached to the email, so that we know the data is final (if you want to change your pledge later on, just send us another mail with the updated pledge manager).

b) if you don’t like our pledge manager, just contact us by mail with the list of the bases and add-ons you want!

5) Is there a deadline to send the Pledge Managers / answer the Kickstarter Survey?

The sooner we get all Pledge Managers and info, the sooner we can start the production.
From the 21th July onwards, we will contact stragglers who didn’t send their info.
If they don’t answer for the 1st of August, we will start the production and the late-pledges will be pushed back on the backers’ queue (meaning their bases will be produced, and delivered, last).

Regards. Lorenzo

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