3D Bases production under way!

Hi to all backers!
As promised mid-July, thanks to all of you who sent their pledge managers, the production of our bases has been started the 1st September, quite in advance on our timetable!

During August the molds and instruments necessary to the production have been created, and in the meantime, our big order for the 3D Bases material done end of July brought us the needed material (about nearly 2 tons of it!)

So here we are, already producing, and we are giving you a sneak-peak of some production results.
Those pictures were done with a phone, so no professional pictures yet, but they still show very well what will be the overall result.

We’re speaking about the future of wargaming and skirmish battlefields!

Of course, as soon as we will have a good amount of bases ready, we will start with the deliveries.

On this matter, you will all receive soon a Kickstarter survey asking for your delivery address.

We’ll keep you updated!

All the best. Lorenzo

2 Responses to 3D Bases production under way!

  1. Uelà Presidente! Ci si collega al bloggolo e si trovano le nuove basi 3D bell’e stampate 😀
    Uauuuuu… sono bellissime!
    Ci aggiorniamo questa sera 😉


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