RGFX Kickstarter “Persistent Fog Machine”

Hi everyone!

Our friends at RGFX are revealing more and more of their awesome Persistent Fog Machine, and our collaboration together!
For those reading attentively, MHW and RGFX have been indeed collaborating during the past half-year on this project.
The result was the Dark Crypt, a beautiful building made by MWH which let RGFX’s Fog Machine fit perfectly inside, allowing the fog to roll out from all sides, submerging a whole gaming terrain with ease!

 Terrains by MHW

For a more breathtaking look at how the Dark Crypt generates fog, take a look at RGFX’s Teaser video, made on the Dwarven Forge Caverns for more awesomeness.

RGFX has plans to launch their Kickstarter in May 2017, where you will be able to buy their Persistent Fog Machine, with the Dark Crypt…

and their Black Box.

For more information, join their Facebook page!

“Are you ready to get Real ?”

A special thanks to Francesco “Endar” Bellina for the use of his Dwarven Forge Caverns.

Regards. Lorenzo & David

Update 13 – F.H. – Hard Plastic – Back to the… Dynamic Floors & Sewers

Hi everyone!

After several articles about the walls of Forgotten Halls, which allows to build and create an infinity of amazing buildings, we are back to one of the most interesting feature of our project: our Dynamic Floors.

Our Dynamic Floors can be modified and customized in many different ways, by adding and taking out some Floor Inserts.

In Forgotten Halls, our Dynamic Floors have a cross-section, with 3 different Modular inserts, which can be added/taken out, and moved to create different results.

by adding and taking out some Floor Inserts.
In Forgotten Halls, our Dynamic Floors have a cross-section, with 3 different Modular inserts, which can be added/taken out, and moved to create different results.

This is just one of the multiple solution reachable with Forgotten Halls.

But let’s go back to the Dungeon.
This dungeon has a lot of modularity. Since our walls are not pinned to the floors, you can put them wherever you want, creating even very narrow corridors, or rooms of various sizes.
The length of the corridors and the size of the rooms is up to you!
All of the modularity doesn’t take away anything of the aesthetics, allowing you to immerge yourself and your miniatures in a beautiful gaming experience.

Furniture by Zealot Miniatures

Let’s now give space to the pictures and the video.
For other videos, subscribe to our Youtube Channel (with all our Forgotten Walls video collection, some never published on our blog).

Regards. Lorenzo & David

RGFX collaboration: The Dark Crypt (Fog Tower)

Hi everyone,

The collaboration between RGFX and Manorhouse Workshop created its first wonder!
An architectural building made by MHW, with the scope of hiding the Fog Machine created by RGFX.
This Fog Machine will allow gaming terrains and dioramas to get an amazing Fog effect to bring the atmosphere to a whole new different level, as you can see on our videos and pictures!

The Dark Crypt can be used on its own, or be combined with other existing buildings of various manufacturers.
Here, we created a gaming terrain made of 4 Stone Slabs (3D Bases) for the base, on which we added walls of Forgotten Halls for completing the structure, creating a perfect result for the Dark Crypt hosting the Fog Machine.
Of course, while we did use our MHW buildings for such a terrain, nothing prevents your own terrains from other manufacturers.

Miniatures by Games Workshop

Braziers-statues-torches by Zealot Miniatures

Statues-torches painted by Green Painting Studid

The atmosphere thus generated with RGFX’s Fog Machine is eerie and ghostly.
Can you imagine a whole gaming session clouded in fog and darkness ?
We can.

Until next,
Lorenzo & David

Adventure Tiles – Wilderness Tabletop RPG Terrain System

Broken Egg Games is doing an awesome Kickstarter for wargames fans and there are only a few days left.

It’s already 100% funded but there is room for plenty more 🙂

Check their campaign.


What is even cooler is how the NoLands Comics  decided to support them with a quick webcomic based on their setting. Here are the pages for your delight!

Art by Pedro R. M. Andreo
Colors by Xabi Gaztelua

Regads from Lorenzo & David

Collaboration between Manorhouse Workshop & Real Game FX.

We are proud to announce our collaboration between Real Game FX & Manorhouse Workshop. This is an alpha test using Real Game FX Micro Fog Machine and our terrain pieces. Real Game FX creates technological marvels for gaming. We will be working together to create a beautiful micro fog machine that can be used on any miniature table top terrain. Stay tuned for our announcement when it will go on sale in Europe and USA.

In the meantime, here is a short video about this awesome product:

Regards. Lorenzo

New collaboration with Fireforge Games

Salve a tutti.
Manorhouse Workshop inizia un rapporto di collaborazione con Fireforge Games.

Hello everyone.
Manorhouse Workshop starts a collaboration with Fireforge Games.


Fireforge Games è una ditta incentrata sulla creazione e distribuzione di una completa linea di miniature in plastica di alta qualità e resina dedicate al wargame storico.
I creatori di Fireforge sono tutti wargamers e hobbisti appassionati da lungo tempo. Questa loro passione è stata la forza trainante di Fireforge Games. La loro missione è quella di dare a tutti divertimento e intrattenimento con le loro miniature e giochi.

Fireforge Games is a  company focused on the creation and distribution of a complete line of high quality 28mm miniatures in plastic multi-component and resin for the historical wargaming. The creators of Fireforge are all passionate and long-time wargamers and hobbyists, and this passion has been the driving force of Fireforge Games. the their mission is to give you, fun and entertainment with their miniatures and games.

All the best. Lorenzo

Mindstalkers: Carte, Background e molto altro.

Salve a tutti.
Il blog Dartel Miniatures si arricchisce di aggiornamenti dedicati al nostro gioco skirmish Mindstalkers.

Background Mindstalkers
Teorie Mindstalkers
Carte Mindstalkers

Alla prossima. Lorenzo


Collaborations: Dartel’s scenery

Salve a tutti.
Presentiamo oggi un nuovo lavoro creato con i nostri prodotti da Paolo “Dartel” Di Lenardo e pubblicato sul suo blog “Dartel Miniatures”

Hi everyone.
Today we are publishing a new work created with our products by Paolo “Dartel” Di Lenardo and posted on his blog “Dartel Miniatures”.

Devo dire che il risultato ottenuto mi piace moltissimo. E si lega molto bene a un mio vecchio lavoro.

I must say that I really like the result. It binds very well at a my old job.

Complimenti Paolo ottimo risultato.

Congratulations Paolo. excellent result.


Completed “Mega scenery” add miniatures

Salve a tutti. Terminato il mega scenario realizzato in collaborazione con Francesco “Endar” bellina.

Prima una carrellata di foto del plastico termnato in tutta la sua grandezza. Formato da 24 pannelli 40×40 cm., per un totale di 240×160 cm. altezza circa 50 cm. Comprende praticamente tutti i nostri kits di edifici attualmente in catalogo.

Hello to all. Completed the mega scenery in collaboration with Francesco “Endar” bellina.

Before a gallery of images  of the finished scenary in all its greatness. Formed by 24 panels 40×40 cm., For a total of 240x160cm. height about 50cm.
It includes virtually all of our kits of buildings currently in the catalogue.







Dopo la carrellata di foto del plastico terminato senza l’ombra di una miniatura…passiamo alle foto ambientate.

After the gallery of images of the finished plastic without the shadow of a miniature…
we go to the images acclimatized.








Alla prossima, Lorenzo

Regards, Lorenzo

Mega Building scenery – WIP number 7

Salve a tutti.

Ultimato il lavoro. Aggiunti i pali d’ancoraggio nell’acqua e terminati gli ultimi particolari. Al prossimo appuntamento renderemo vivo il borgo con l’aggiunta di miniature e accessori come casse, barili e altro.

hallo to all

Completed the job. Added the anchoring piles in the water and finished the last details.
At the next appointment will make the village alive with the addition of miniatures and accessories such as boxes, barrels, and more.




Alla prossima, Lorenzo

Regards, Lorenzo