Update 12 – F.H. – Hard Plastic – You can use Forgotten Halls on any existing terrain!

Hi everyone!

In our previous article we showed you how you can use Forgotten Halls to create rooms, corridors, towers, etc, without using our Dynamic Floors of 100x100x10mm. It was however with a “3D Bases” Stone Slabs floor, which creates a perfect floor for our building, and thus, you didn’t need to use any of our FH floors, for obvious reasons.
However, we are showing you now how you can use any kind of terrain already in your possession and still use perfectly our FH range.

Let’s use indeed a terrain base, like our “Rough Terrain – 3D Bases”. This terrain represents a mix of earth, little stones, etc classical to outdoors terrains.
With this terrain, you can’t use add apparently our FH walls to create a building, since you would be missing the stone floor and it wouldn’t look as good as it should.
However, there is a very easy solution “built-in FH”, which we are showing you now. 🙂

This step by step images show you how to create a perfect stone floor for the FH building, while keeping the overall result perfect.
The floors we are using are already existing in FH, and fit perfectly our structures.
We are also adding our covers under our walls, this time, to make the floors underneath fit perfectly. The same covers are added on the top of the walls to build up more floors, here, about the tower.

The overall result, as you can see, is great!
We have a full tower with its ground floor fully integrated with the Rough Terrain used as base.
We could continue, with the same floors, to build more floors of the same tower, or build another structure nearby. It’s just one of the multiple, and endless, potentialities of our FH modular system.

Miniatures by Games Workshop

Braziers by Zealot Miniatures

Keep following us for more news and gaming experience on FH.
Regards from Lorenzo & David


Update 11 – Forgotten Halls – Hard Plastic – Fortified Terrace

Hi to everyone!
Let’s continue with more accessories to widen even more the potentialities of our Forgotten Halls project.

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Let’s start from the terrace that we did present during last article.
We did add 2 towers to this structure, connected between them with a small overhead bridge.
You can see how the stairs give a great dynamism to the whole, while the towers give a robust show of strength to the whole structure.

Miniatures by Games Workshop

Braziers by Zealot Miniatures

On this other building, we modified everything making it a real sturdy fortress.
The 2 towers are still there but we took out the stairs bringing up to the terrace, and made the walls of the main building much more sturdier thanks to our “Dynamic External Walls”.
And this is just a single floor building. Imagine what you could create with a taller structure, with more floors … a unique and huge fortress.

Let’s speak about our “Dynamic External Walls”.
This simple yet elegant MHW idea allows to create endless potentialities for your building creations, without needing to invest a lot of money to buy hundreds of different walls, which then take also a lot of place when you need to stock them around.
With our solution, with just the Walls of our Base Set, you can add any kind of our Dynamic External Walls to create a various number of different walls of your liking.

We’re just scratching the surface here of the possibilities, since you can combine the main Dynamic Walls (inside the walls) with the External ones to create wonderful results, giving depth and details, in different ways, to your structure.

Of course, our external dynamic walls are available on both format (60x56x4mm. and 100x56x4mm.).

This is just the beginning.
Lorenzo & David

Update #10 – Hard Plastic – 3D Bases ideal for Forgotten Halls

Happy new year to everyone!
Let’s start the 2017 by presenting how our 3D Bases work with our Forgotten Halls project.
The 3D Bases are prefect to create a gaming area where to build the Forgotten Halls structures.

Today we are showing you the Stone Slabs. Like their name say, those represent stone slabs of 25x25mm.
They are ideal for any RPG, boardgame, skirmish or other which use a grid area to move.
Here we are using 4 bases of 30x30cm, for an overall gaming area of 60x60cm

In the last article we showed you how the walls of FH can be detached from the floors and used on their own.
This is all good, but where to use these walls ? The short answer is : anywhere is good.
But why not use some tridimensional surfaces, modular, and perfectly well texturized, like our 3D Bases, which merge perfectly with FH? 🙂

As you can see for yourself in these images, the overall result together is just perfect.

But it doesn’t stop here.
Our FH project will continue to present new tools and options.
Let’s speak about the latest add-on, which adds a great touch to our Floor set.
Our new floor measures 100x100x2mm and will allow you to create ample floors fully playable.
Also, all of our floors can be fully removed from the walls, allowing you to play and reach any floor underneath.

This is just the first article which will speak of the synergy between our 2 project 3D Bases and Forgotten Halls.
In the next one, you will see how our Upper Floors can be used to create new structures, even on the ground floor.

Regards from Lorenzo & David

3D Bases and Arkeo Obscura!

When our 3D Bases Kickstarter was ready to launch, Massimo Torriani got in contact with us, amazed by the quality of the product, to get a copy of the Ruined Abbey to be used for some terrain pictures new game “Arkeo Obskura”.
Of course, we readily agreed.
We were however very much amazed to see that in the meantime he decided to use our Ruined Abbey as the main cover image of his rulebook!

It doesn’t stop here. Massimo Torriani’s work will be distributed by North Star Military figures… yes, the same ones who distribute Frostgrave! 🙂

Here are some images and a short sum up of the Arkeo Obscura game manual.

Arkeo Obskura, a Narrative Horror Skirmish

Imagine a world where all of your deepest fears have come to life, a place where monsters, terrifying creatures and deviant criminals threaten your very existence and that of the entire planet.
You and your friends are the only ones that can stop these terrible plans…
Will you succeed or will you die trying?

ARKEO OBSCURA is the first release in the Survival Heroes series and presents a skirmish-level Horror setting that covers forgotten cults, urban legends, ancient mythological creatures and fantastic archetypes that are the backdrop for the adventures that our Heroes will face to save themselves and to save humanity!
With Arkeo Obskura you can play a cooperative game (the players against the system or a Master), a solitaire game (one player against the game itself) and even a competitive game (where two players fight the system but also fight each other!). The settings provided can be played with Victorian, 1920s, 1940s or Modern characters depending on your personal taste. Weapons and accessories will depend on the setting.
Each scenario contains clues, events and discoveries that enrich the story. The game system is easy to lean and intuitive and you don’t need a Master. You can play solitaire or with friends in cooperative or competitive mode. You will see your characters grow, buying new characteristics and equipment from one game to the next.

Facebook: Torriani games

Regards. Lorenzo

3D Bases production under way!

Hi to all backers!
As promised mid-July, thanks to all of you who sent their pledge managers, the production of our bases has been started the 1st September, quite in advance on our timetable!

During August the molds and instruments necessary to the production have been created, and in the meantime, our big order for the 3D Bases material done end of July brought us the needed material (about nearly 2 tons of it!)

So here we are, already producing, and we are giving you a sneak-peak of some production results.
Those pictures were done with a phone, so no professional pictures yet, but they still show very well what will be the overall result.

We’re speaking about the future of wargaming and skirmish battlefields!

Of course, as soon as we will have a good amount of bases ready, we will start with the deliveries.

On this matter, you will all receive soon a Kickstarter survey asking for your delivery address.

We’ll keep you updated!

All the best. Lorenzo

You missed the 3D Bases Kickstarter ? You didn’t! Jump aboard, you have up to the 20th of July!

Banner PROSEGUO-ks
Link to Kickstarter Page

1) Funds can be increased for the next 7 days!

You have still 7 days (up to the 20th of July) to increase your pledge and define your choices!
Like most Kickstarters, we are giving some more time for all of you to choose better what you would want. If some of you already know what they want, they can send us their Pledge Manager, of course!
Since it won’t be able to increase your amount pledged on Kickstarter, it will have to be done via paypal at the following mail address: marchetto.lorenzo@gmail.com

Tsuthoggua’s 3D Bases ideas!

2) What if I’m a late backer and I missed this awesome project?

No worries, you can still get in!
While no Early Bird Pledges will be open, you can still participate, contact us at 3dbasespm@gmail.com and let us know!
We will consider you as a normal backer and if you take a Captain or General Pledge, you’ll get access to all the freebies unlocked!

3) What about the freebies and Stretch Goals ? Will they move?

Yes. During that 7 days-period, we decided that the Stretch Goals will still be “online”. If we receive additional fundings to burst or unlock a Stretch Goal, we’ll share it with you, and all of you (with Captain and General Pledges) will have access to it and so they will be added to your package!
Another reason to keep spreading the word!

4) How can I share with you the bases and add-ons I want for my pledge?

a) The best way to do that is to fill our PLEDGE MANAGER.
We have also a YOUTUBE VIDEO showing how it works!

Once you do that, send a copy of your pledge manager to this email address:
It is important that you send us the copy as a pdf, excel (or other spreadsheet program), attached to the email, so that we know the data is final (if you want to change your pledge later on, just send us another mail with the updated pledge manager).

b) if you don’t like our pledge manager, just contact us by mail 3dbasespm@gmail.com with the list of the bases and add-ons you want!

5) Is there a deadline to send the Pledge Managers / answer the Kickstarter Survey?

The sooner we get all Pledge Managers and info, the sooner we can start the production.
From the 21th July onwards, we will contact stragglers who didn’t send their info.
If they don’t answer for the 1st of August, we will start the production and the late-pledges will be pushed back on the backers’ queue (meaning their bases will be produced, and delivered, last).

Regards. Lorenzo

3D Bases Kickstarter (fifth day) Facebook Stretch Goal!

Link alla pagina Kickstarter

Today we are launching our beautiful and funny Facebook campaign “I love 3D Bases <3”! 😉
If we reach 300 Likes on our 3D Bases Modular Terrain Facebook page
this Stretch Goal will be unlocked:

Those pieces are cast in resin (like all our Stretch Goals),
They will be able to be collected and bought each at the following prices,

Column, bottom 1 piece: 2,50€
Column, top (composed from 2 piece): 4€
Stairs, ruined 1 piece: 3,5€

Our SG package gives you a 20% discount on the whole.
composed from 4 piece.
Ended Kickstarter, the retail price of this add-on package will be: 11.50€.

Regards. Lorenzo

Update #43 – Modular Underground Project – Corridors

Link to our Kickstarter.

Fino a ora si è parlato di pavimenti, mura, scale… ma dei corridoi,  non vogliamo parlarne? il nostro fantastico sistema permette di creare illimitate tipologie di corridoi larghi o stretti. Qualche esempio semplice. Con l’aggiunta dei pilastri singoli si è fatto un passo avanti per quanto riguarda la possibilità di ottenere corridoi e stanze di qualsiasi forma e dimensione.

Up to now there has been talk of floors, walls, stairs … but the corridors, we do not want to talk about it? our fantastic system allows you to create unlimited types of wide or narrow corridors. Some simple example. With the addition of the single pillars has made a step forward as regards the possibility of obtaining corridors and rooms of any shape and size.

Guardiamo in dettaglio cosa si può ottenere con l’aggiunta dei pilastrini riguardo alle dimensioni dei corridoi. Da un corridoio semplice da 2 caselle da 25mm. l’una. Si può passare a un doppio corridoio da 6 caselle o più. Mettendo assieme queste 2 soluzioni e aggiungendo un paio di pilastri e una parete piccola e un corridoio, otteniamo una strettoia da una sola casella.

We look in detail what can be achieved with the addition of the pillars about the size of the corridors. From a simple corridor of 2 squares of 25mm. each. You can switch to a double corridor 6 or more squares. Putting together these two solutions and adding a couple of pillars and a small wall and a corridor, we get a narrow passage from only one square.

Ma andiamo oltre. Creiamo un paio di corridoi lunghi uno 20 e l’altro 30 cm. ma larghi una sola casella. Impossibile direte voi con un pavimento base da 4 caselle. Ma dalle immagini si può notare il contrario. Questa soluzione è l’ideale per ricreare dungeons adatti a Heroquest, Dungeon Saga, ecc… Anche spostare fisicamente delle miniature in spazi così angusti e semplice e le mie dita non sono sottili.

But we go further. We create a couple of long corridors one 20 and the other 30 cm. but, wide only one square. impossible you’ll say with a floor by 4 squares. But from the pictures you can see the opposite. This solution is ideal for recreating dungeons suitable for: Heroquest, Dungeon Saga, etc … Even physically move the thumbnail in spaces so cramped and simple and my fingers are not thin.

La modularità del nostro dungeons è veramente vasta. Basta un po’ di fantasia e si ottiene ciò che si vuole.

The modularity of our dungeons is really vast. Just a little of fantasy and you get what you want to.

All the best. Lorenzo

Update #42 – Modular Underground Project – Miniatures comparison #3

Link to our Kickstarter.

Terza Comparazione di accessori e miniature. Penso che non ci sia miglior  tema delle prigioni per rappresentare un dungeon.
Abbiamo usato un po di tutto accessori vari. Miniature Fenyll, D&D, Reaper-bones. Il risultato è strepitoso.
Con la collaborazione di Francesco “Endar” Bellina – Dungeons 3D

Third Comparison of accessories and miniatures. I think there is no better theme of prisons to pose a dungeon. We used a little of everything for accessories. Miniature Fenyll, D&D, Reaper-bones. The result is amazing.
With collaboration by: Francesco “Endar” Bellina – Dungeons 3D

Ogni prigione che si rispetti ha vari ambienti: Sacrario degli Dei, ambienti privati dei sacerdoti, stanza delle torture, Sala d’armi. celle, Santa Sanctorum.

Every self-respecting prison has various environments: Sacrario of the Gods, private rooms of the priests, the torture room, arms room. cells, Santa Sanctorum.

Questo display ricrea atmosfere fantastiche. Le pareti in mattoni rendono l’ambiente perfetto e accolgono ogni singolo oggetto nel migliore dei modi creando scorci di rara bellezza.

This display recreates atmospheres fantastic. The brick walls make room perfect and welcome every single object in the best way, creating views of rare beauty.

All the best. Lorenzo

Update #41 – Modular Underground Project – Miniatures comparison #2

Link to our Kickstarter.

Secondo update dedicato alla comparazione delle  miniature VS il nostro dungeon. Oggi abbiamo un classico del gioco di ruolo: D&DQuindi nulla di più tipico di una fogna “MUP per presentare al meglio questo fantastico gioco.
Con la collaborazione di Francesco “Endar” Bellina – Dungeons 3D

Second update dedicated to the comparison of the miniatures and accessories VS our dungeon. Today we have a classic role-playing game: D&D. So nothing more typical of a sewer “MUP” to best present this fantastic game.
Con la collaborazione di Francesco “Endar” Bellina – Dungeons 3D

Nelle fogne si può trovare un po’ di tutto… forse troppo. Le miniature sono le predipinte classiche di D&D. Gli accessori invece sono di varie marche. Guardando le immagini ti viene voglia di tirare qualche dado e anche qualche incantesimo.

In the sewers you can find a bit of everything … maybe too much. The miniatures are prepainted classic of D&D. Accessories instead are various brands. Looking at the pictures makes you want to pull some dices and some spells.

Anche questo display lo si assembla con 2 scatole. Il risultato è veramente impressionante. Un master può esprimere al massimo la sua fantasia aiutato da mille particolari.  Le composizioni che si possono ottenere sono moltissime. una più interessante dell’altra.

Even this display it is assembled with 2 boxes. The result is truly impressive. A master can fully express his imagination helped by a thousand details. The compositions that can be obtained are many. a more interesting than the other.

Al the best. Lorenzo